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A Day in the Sky by Alyx-XCV A Day in the Sky by Alyx-XCV
This took me too long to finish.

Skyward Sword casual Link. He's resting on the island inside the storm cloud that has a bunch of hearts around it
-Very- large improvement, I'm loving the background and detail on the rocks. The pose is gorgeous along with the colors. My only main issue is with the grass, I feel it needs a bit more shading/ small highlights depending on where the lighting source is?

My less but still -tiny- irritation.. is with the eyes, I feel they could match the loads of detail if they were somewhat more lifelike? With color and things of the sorts. Otherwise, this picture is fantastic, marvelous, glorious, Zelda would be more than jealous!

Lovely work, I look forward to more like this with just as much detail! :iconhandsomeonionplz:
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This is a huge improvement already! I can't wait to see your other two pieces.

I really like his pose, it's very laid back, he looks very calm and like he's just having a great time. Despite the fact that it's "just" a sitting pose, you've managed to put some originality into it, and it makes it even more interesting to look at. The anatomy looks pretty good, the weight of his legs and middle are well defined. I see a slight problem with his shoulders; they should be a tad wider. I think it's mostly the arm that's closest to the viewer that should have a wider shoulder. Overall, he should also have wider arms. Even though Link is a skinny boy, he should have much more prominent elbows, and wider shoulders. Don't be afraid to make arms thicker; it's only natural, they won't look fat. :)

The lighting and colouring on this piece are amazing, I love the contrast between having a lineart on Link and no lineart on the rock. The grass looks great, though very cartoonish; the edges of the rock are probably where the grass looks best. Towards the center it kind of fades away and looks a lot less real. The rock itself is amazing, I don't have anything to say about it. :) The clouds and sky, too, are very appealing, I like the gradient from yellow at the top to blue at the bottom, it makes them even more interesting. On the other hand, Link's hair and eyes are coloured very differently than the rest of the piece, and this is a little bothersome to my eye, at least. The painterly feel of the whole thing changes completely around his hair, which is much more cartoony and cell-shaded. I do like the paler and softer highlight to the top right of his head, though. The eyes as well are much more cartoony than the rest, which isn't a fault in itself, but clash with the look of the rest of piece. They're not coloured or shaded at all, with only a minmal highlight? Sure, the highlight gives them more life, but I'm sure you could've made them a lot more interesting than pure black.

Overall, I love this piece, and think you're on the right track for improvement. :) Good luck with your future endeavours, I hope this critique helped. :)
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July 14, 2012
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